Black Airlaid Napkins

What is Black Airlaid Napkin

Airlaid Napkins is a textile-like paper that uses no water in the manufacturing process.


  • Soft, does not scratch
  • Non-linting, no dust no static
  • Strong, even when wet
  • Textile-like surface
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • 100% Compostable
  • Fully recyclable
  • Water-wise product[No water was used in making this product], replacing laundered linen napkins

The Black Airlaid Napkins Grande, Slim Cut, and Cocktail is the perfect option for those customers looking to replace linen or just to add value to your customer’s experience or offer innovation. Perfect for any table setting

Perfect for: Dinner, lunch, banquets, weddings and room service

Black Airlaid Napkins vs paper serviettes

When comparing paper serviettes to Airlaid Napkins, people on average will use 3 standard paper serviettes to every one Serviettes napkin. Often people take handfuls of paper serviettes and costs to escalate quickly. Save money and switch to the Airlaid range.

Our napkin are a big step up from paper serviettes so clients who use paper serviettes can add huge value to their customers’ experience without spending more money. Napking airlaid napkin are high-quality napkin for demanding customers. Airlaid napkins are made of breathable paper which feels like fabric – “Airlaid”. Airlaid are particularly tear-resistant, extremely absorbent, and so the ideal alternative to textile napkin.

Napkins are the perfect option for any table setting. They’re available in three different sizes: Grande, Slim Cut, and Cocktail. The Grande is the standard size used in restaurants and banquet halls across the country. It’s a great choice for any occasion where you need to replace linen or just add value to your customer’s experience.

The Slim Cut is ideal for smaller settings like weddings and room service. It offers all the same benefits of Airlaid but with a smaller profile that makes it easy to fit into tight spaces. The Cocktail is ideal for buffets, lunches, banquets—anything where you need a lot of napkins in one place. Perfect for use at restaurants or on cruise ships!

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