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What is Airlaid Napkins?

White Airlaid Napkins is a textile-like paper that uses no water in the manufacturing process. It’s made using a revolutionary process that creates an ultra-durable, soft, and absorbent material that can be used as a napkin, handkerchief, or tissue.

AirLaid can be used in any environment—from the kitchen to the bathroom to the office—and is great for sensitive skin. White Airlaid Napkins Online Store.

A more eco-friendly alternative to paper napkins and a hassle-free substitute for linen napkins, the airlaid napkin retains the luxury look and feel of linen but is entirely biodegradable, fully recyclable and compostable.

The airlaid process involves combining wood pulp with water and chemicals to create a soft fibrous material that can be formed into shape. This allows us to create items that are softer than paper but more durable than linen.

White Airlaid napkins are ideal for those looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to paper or linen napkins. They are also perfect for those who want a hassle-free substitute for linens but don’t have the time or space needed to wash them after every use.

White Airlaid Napkins vs White Paper Serviettes

When comparing paper serviettes to Airlaid Napkin, people on average will use 3 standard paper serviettes to every one Airlaid napkin. Often people take handfuls of paper serviettes and costs to escalate quickly. Save money and switch to the Airlaid range.

Airlaid Napkin is an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled up to 6 times before being sent for recycling. Paper serviettes are not environmentally friendly and have a low recyclability level.

White Airlaid Napkins
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White Airlaid Napkins
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