Hand Sanitized Wetwipe


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  • Eco-friendly wetwipe material.
  • >75% Alcohol
  • Made in South Africa.

100 in a box.


  • Flammable contents.
  • Combustible fluid and fumes.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • For external use only.
  • Stop usage immediately if any sign of skin irritation.



Isopropyl Alcohol 75%v/v, Glycerine, Biocide, Aqua.


Click here to view Safety Data Sheet.


Hand Sanitized Wetwipe
A premium individually wrapped wetwipe with 100% biodegradable wetwipe material with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol.

A Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipe, often referred to as a sanitizing wipe, is a specialized type of wet wipe designed to effectively clean and sanitize hands without the need for water and soap. These wipes are infused with a solution containing alcohol or other disinfecting agents that help kill germs and bacteria on the skin.

Key features of a Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipe include:

  1. Disinfection: The wipes are formulated with a disinfecting solution, usually containing a high percentage of alcohol (such as isopropyl alcohol or ethanol), which is known for its ability to quickly kill a broad spectrum of germs, including bacteria and viruses.
  2. Convenience: Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes are incredibly convenient for on-the-go hygiene. They provide a quick and efficient way to clean hands when soap and water are not available.
  3. Portability: These wipes are often individually packaged or come in small resealable packs, making them easy to carry in pockets, bags, or purses.
  4. Gentleness: While the disinfecting solution is effective against germs, these wipes are usually formulated to be gentle on the skin, incorporating moisturizers and skin-conditioning agents to prevent dryness and irritation.
  5. Multi-Purpose: In addition to hand sanitization, these wipes can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces, objects, and even electronic devices.
  6. Travel and Public Spaces: Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes are commonly found in travel kits, healthcare settings, public spaces, and locations where maintaining hand hygiene is crucial.

Using Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes:

  1. Open: Open the individual packet or resealable pack to access the wet wipe.
  2. Unfold: Gently unfold the wipe to its full size, exposing the moistened surface.
  3. Wipe: Thoroughly wipe your hands, focusing on areas like the palms, back of the hands, fingers, and fingernails.
  4. Dispose: Dispose of the used wipe in a trash bin. Do not flush it down the toilet, as it may cause plumbing issues.
  5. Reseal: If the pack is resealable, make sure to seal it properly to prevent the remaining wipes from drying out.

Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes are a practical and effective solution for maintaining hand hygiene when traditional handwashing is not possible. However, it’s important to note that these wipes should not replace regular handwashing when feasible, as washing hands with soap and water remains one of the most effective ways to remove dirt and germs from the skin.

This is a beautiful set of  100 packs in a box. The only 100% Biodegrabale and 100% compostable Sanitized Wetwipes.

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